Empowering People, Connecting Communities

It’s our belief that when you simplify lives through technology, you’re helping to build more caring and connected communities supported by dedicated teams and great companies.

Scout Senior Care is a division of Scout Technology Guides, a full service outsourced IT department equivalent, specializing in managing, supporting and securing business technology needs.

Founded in 2003, Scout Technology Guides survived two separate partner buy-outs. CEO and Founder, Matt Dryfhout, says the business really started to take shape after the first buy-out and has been cultivating a purpose-driven company ever since.

A big believer in Simon Sinek’s philosophy of “Start With Why”, Matt has drawn on this numerous times over the years to help form and shape the business – from the second partner buy-out through to establishing a dynamic, passionate team of talented and forward thinking employees.

As the founder, Matt knows it starts and ends with the examples that he sets for others. “If I am authentic and consistent, I can grow a team of like-minded people that share my vision and will continue to grow it.  While the details of our service and product offerings are a core part of our value, I would suggest that our Why and the culture that we’ve built around our employees (the ones that will guide and support your business) are equally valuable.”

Our Purpose

We love helping organizations design and implement technology that improves the quality of life for everyone – from being productive at work to being taken care of at home.

We’re a service organization and we don’t take that lightly. We’ve created a culture built on the three pillars of servanthood: serving each other, serving our clients and serving our community.

Our Vision

We want to live in a world where every person understands their unique strengths and is part of a team who celebrates and empowers them.

We believe there is leadership potential in all of us – potential that can be more fully realized when people are mentored, coached and empowered.

We need people who embody humility, and as a result will build up others to lead and serve alongside them. It’s this vision for our company – and our communities – that drives us forward.

Our Core Values

Anchoring our purpose and three pillars of servanthood are our core values. Our core values are the fabric of our character. They are non-negotiable and influence every decision we make.

SERVE – We take pride in serving our peers, clients, and community.

CONNECT – We make it easy for you to connect with your clients and partners and with the right information in real time.

OWN – We take ownership and never give up!

UNDERSTAND- We work closely with you to understand your needs and meet them.

TRUST – You trust us to proactively think through what your business will need in the coming weeks, months and years.